1)Orthosports Medical Center

The Orthosports Medical Center is said to be the home to some of the best Orthopedic Doctors and specialists in Dubai. They offer the most comprehensive range of orthopedic services in Dubai to prevent and correct injuries.  

They offer inclusive medical care so that the rest is assured no matter what happens during the procedure. To handle it appropriately, they have all the experience and technology. They go all-out to provide their patients with the most pleasant and safe experience possible.

These Orthosports Medical Center has successfully treated thousands of cases for more than 20 years. They aim to make sure that you as a healthy and fit individual. And they will help you towards that goal. 

They make lifestyle and risk factor assessments for their patients that include factors like volume of activity and overall health. And they will use their devise potential ways to avoid any future injuries for the patient. 

They can also help treat your injuries, lessen body pain, and ensure that you are a completely cured patient. They are highly passionate and driven to provide you with the best standard of care.

They will help in organizing their care from the beginning to the successful end. That is because many of their patients travel from across the country to get treated by them. They will also work with your insurance company to ensure coverage. They assure you that you will be in safe hands and prove to you that they are the right choice.


2)Quirónsalud Hospital Dubai

The Quirónsalud hospital has more than 60 years of experience caring for people’s health and well-being. It functions with a prestigious staff of more than 100,000 employees and the most advanced technology.

Value – They share the company’s values of clinical excellence with appropriate technology. And they work with a commitment to bringing great innovation and research. They will organize personalized treatment for patients and their families.

Facility – They have the greatest facilities and services where they provide luxury lounges, advanced diagnostic equipment, and multiple subspecialties. They have unique modular theaters and well protecting LASIK suite and VIP room.

Team – Their specialized medical team covers all areas of ophthalmology, providing patients with a complete diagnosis and treatment.

Technology – Their pleasant journey at the clinic starts with fully automated and advanced equipment. They are all operated by their highly skilled staff. You also will enjoy the comfort and the confidence of being examined by their expert medical team.

Surgeries are done in world-class modular theatres provided with the most advanced ophthalmic surgical equipment. And they are operated following the highest European standards. Their LASIK suite with femtosecond technology and the latest laser machines are operated in a secure environment. And they are in the hands of the top expert.

Hospitality – Their medical team works to provide each patient with culturable care. They will give you the best treatment to ensure that your experience is as good as it can be.

They allow all the patients to feel at home, no matter their culture. They comply with the endorsement of non-medical services Quality Standards. They also ensure that all communications promote a healthy lifestyle for the patients and their families.


3)The Westminster Ortho Med Clinic

For the Westminster Ortho Med Clinic, your Health is Their Priority, and the patient’s needs are always supreme. With the knowledge and advice to make the right decision, they empathize with you and provide the best care.

Honest – They will give you honest advice about your condition, choices, and appropriateness.

Make Things Easy – They aim to make your treatment easy and hassle-free. And they engage in keeping you up to date on the suitability and convenience of your treatment.

Expertise – All their team members are recognized experts in their chosen specialist fields. They regularly perform complex procedures, so they are efficient at their work.

Excellence – They are committed to exceptional standards of services in clinical quality and treatment. They provide patients with all they need before commencing treatment from your first appointment to complete healing. 

Their specialists go to great lengths to help you to understand your condition and the choice of treatment. The associated benefits and risks are accredited through a nationally recognized framework. 

Focus – They establish individualized treatment plans and provide attentive hands-on care. They spend quality time showing you how to help yourself and treat you with the kindness, honesty, and respect that you deserve.

 Communication – They send a detailed plan of care to your physician and optimize your recovery means they need to work as a team. After their initial evaluation, they send monthly notes to update your physician on your progress.

Convenience – They are available around 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and you can book your appointment at your convenience. They will accept all major health insurance plans.

Aim – The aim and practice are to provide a fast and personal service in all aspects of your medical needs. This practice enables the specialist from established services to offer a single-visit diagnosis and treatment facility. And this will allow the cross-referral to another consultant or specialist when required. It makes things easier and speeds up treatment.

Vision – And finally, the referred patients requiring treatment can be promptly seen and assessed. Treatment for their medical condition is given without any delays.

They offer a partnership of excellence in surgical and non-surgical techniques. This will allow the patients to return to a pain-free and fulfilled lifestyle. From recognized specialists, care and treatment are given at both national and international levels to the patients.


4)The JTS Medical center 

The JTS Medical Centre has adopted all the protective measures such as deep cleaning, disinfection, and personal protective devices. It will help them to reduce the risk to their patients, their families, & employees. 

They are continuously monitoring this unprecedented situation carefully. They are also strictly following the health and safety directives implemented by the UAE Ministry of Health Prevention and Dubai Health Authority.

They deliver their services without compromising quality, safety, and continuity of care. They will continue providing services successively with the intent, to support their patients who require continuity of care through their consultants and specialists.

They are a leading outpatient care facility that helps people in their quest to better health. The quality of life by being a trusted partner for every meaningful moment. They deliver medical, dental, diagnostic, and illness services through their handpicked medical experts. Their caring commitment has persisted reliable for more than ten years.

They are committed to providing Ethical & Quality Healthcare with more than 300000 patient Visits. With around 25 professional doctors and a hundred percent quality and more than twenty years of experience makes them the best health care facility.

Their vision is to combine quality care & modern conveniences. They started this JTS Medical Centre with the belief that clinical excellence is a commitment to service. They wanted it to be a modern approach to make a truly great experience for people. 

To bring their vision to life, they have listened to their patients thoughtfully and applied technology. They have hired the best doctors to create a practice that is designed specifically to meet your needs. Rigorously selected consultant & specialist doctors and longer appointments with doctors who care for the patients are in their facility.

Appointment-based services – There are convenient locations, parking, and diagnostic services on-site with no appointment required.

Accessibility – You can book your appointments via phone, WhatsApp, by their site, via email, or directly with your doctor. 

Service Attention – They are in-network with most TPAs and Insurance companies. Hence ninety- five percent of appointments start on time or early.


5)The Medcare Orthopedics & Spine Hospital

The Medcare Orthopedics & Spine Hospital brings the world’s best healthcare to Dubai. Their network of multi-specialty hospitals, medical centers, and hundreds of specialized doctors work with one core passion. They care for you and your family’s well-being. The doctors, treatments, facilities, and paramedical support are equivalent to the best facilities in the world.

They’ll treat you well is their simple promise, and they will do everything it takes to make things easy for you. When your health poses challenges, their specialists and support staff work in a coordinated and compassionate manner. They deliver the best and latest care for all medical conditions and your medical needs.

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