1.Dar Al Oyoun Hospital 

Dar Al Oyoun Hospital is located in Sharjah is a day care hospital located right in the heart of Sharjah city in a building Crystal Plaza at Buhaira Corniche. It is one of the well-known hospitals in Sharjah for its specialist eye treatment and their educated and friendly doctors provide a welcoming environment to patients and visitors to the hospital. This hospital has many branches and the first of its branch was started in Egypt, in the 90’s . following that there were many more branches that were inaugurated in Egypt, Sudan, Lybia and Sharjah. This branch was opened in 2004 and has become a landmark for ophthalmologic consultation in all of Sharjah and UAE. The hospital is well equipped with all the comprehensive modern equipments ensuring the best service and satisfaction to their patients. 

2.Reem Specialists Medical Centre 

Reem Medical Group, located in Sharjah has many several clinics and branches all across UAE, making them one of the most reputed medical clinics in UAE. The institute also has three branches in Sharjah, with ophthalmology services being available at the Reem branch. Reem medical group is also associated with VIVO group which is one of the preferred and fast growing healthcare providers in UAE. Reem medical centre particularly has gained excellent reputation in children’s eye care treatment. Reem medical group primarily focuses in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and to educate the patient when they come for a diagnosis. And above all they aim to provide the highest quality of service to all their patient with maximum focus and intervention.   

3.Zulekha Hospital 

Zulekha Hospital is situated in Sharjah. It was found in 1964 when its creator Dr.Zulekha Daud moved from India to Sharjah , in order to pursue her dream of treating people and offer affordable medical service to all. From a young medical graduate to a practicing physician serving people from all walks of life, Dr.Zulekha quickly became a well known name and so did her hospital. Dr. Zulekha started off small as a 30 bed hospital but soon grew large with departments in Dental, ophthalmology, Dermatology, ENT, Diabetology, bariatric surgery, emergency, gynaecology, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, physiotherapy, pharmacy, paediatrics, pulmonology, radiology.

4.Burjeel Speciality hospital 


Burjeel Speciality hospital is a best hospital offered in Sharjah and it well known in the Emirate. Burjeel hospital is a medical facility by VPS healthcare and it features a well known ophthalmology department and staffs. The ophthalmology department has well qualified experts that have gained several years of experience in their field from leading hospitals, around the world. Not only is their knowledge wide in covering and treatment of common medical eye care treatments and surgeries but also they carry out complicated surgeries and treat paediatric conditions. Their specialists who commonly treat conditions such as cataract, LASIK, paediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma management, cosmetic oculoplastic and refractive procedures. They have assured that their outstanding team of physicians and surgeons are dedicated to providing the most advanced eye care treatments available in the area.

5.NMC Royal Hospital

NMC Royal Hospital, Sharjah is a well earned named premier hospital in Sharjah as it provides high-standard health care to its patients. The hospital is having a strong presence in Sharjah and attracts people for whom receiving specialized and individualized care matters. The hospital was established in 1981 and at the time it was the first and largest private hospital in Sharjah. Also noted for their professional expertise, their hospital doctors and staff are carefully selected who have valuable experience in major hospitals overseas. The hospital offers comprehensive care in a wide range of health schemes from maternity to routine medical check -ups. In total, the hospital is having 28 specialities, with employee numbers more than 1250 and more than 170 doctors.

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