Understanding Breast Implant Surgery: 7 Key Inquiries Clarified For Real Patients

Breast implant surgery, commonly known as breast augmentation, has been one of the top five cosmetic procedures in the world for the past two decades. Since then, breast implants have become some of the most studied medical devices in history. With increased safety and efficacy, breast implants remain poised to cling to their title in the top five for many years.

Diverse Options

There are many options when it comes to breast augmentation. Implants are available in two main types: saline and silicone. These types both contain an outer shell made from silicone. The difference is in the filling. Saline implants have a core of sterile salt water, while silicone implants have a gel-like substance made from silicone.

A second silicone-filled implant option is the gummy bear implant. These contain more cohesive silicone gel that holds its form. Patients who desire a natural look and feel frequently request gummy bear implants.

The traditional shape of breast implants is round; however, gummy bear implants offer a variation to this–anatomical. These tear-shaped implants resemble the natural breast shape–narrow at the top, expanding in the middle, and wide at the base.

Ideal Candidates

Perhaps one factor that contributes to the popularity of breast augmentation is its function as both a cosmetic and reconstructive procedure. Candidates for breast implants are those who wish to add more volume to their breasts. Patients with no underlying conditions are well-suited for this procedure. Women who have undergone a mastectomy may choose breast implant surgery to reconstruct their breasts and accomplish a more feminine figure.

Expected Benefits

Breast Augmentation Seattle offers many benefits to patients who elect to undergo the procedure. The primary benefit is the new volume the implants create. However, a close second to this benefit is the confidence boost this surgery provides. Patients who have struggled with feeling insecure in their bodies can achieve the level of self-confidence they have always wanted when they choose to get implants. Whether their concern is a small, sagging, or uneven chest, patients can consult with their surgeon, customize their breast implant surgery, and achieve stunning, symmetrical results.

Potential Risks

While breast implant surgery is generally a safe procedure, there are a few rare side effects–from surgery and the implants themselves. The best way to avoid adverse effects is to entrust your care to a qualified surgeon. Dr. Javad Sajan is known for providing the best breast augmentation Seattle offers.

One concern among patients is the potential rupture of breast implants. However, this complication is rare. If rupture occurs, saline implants deflate, and the body absorbs the salt water. Silicone implants contain highly cohesive gel, making them less likely to leak in the event of rupture.

All patients will develop mild scar tissue around their implants. Capsular contraction is a condition that occurs when the scar tissue that forms naturally around the breast implants begins to contract, squeezing the implant. Most cases of capsular contraction are mild and don’t need additional treatment. However, severe cases that cause the patient pain or begin to affect the appearance of the breasts may require the removal of the implants.

The Road To Recovery

The first three to five days after breast augmentation are typically the roughest. Patients may have increased levels of pain and discomfort during this time. Your surgeon will prescribe you medicines to ease these symptoms during your recovery. Once a week has passed, the discomfort should improve. Massaging your breasts and applying ice to your chest will help diminish swelling and bruising.

Three to four weeks post-operation, you can return to most activities, including light exercise, if your surgeon approves. After four to six weeks, most patients are completely recovered and can enjoy the results of their surgery.

Realistic Expectations

During your consultation and preoperative appointments, you and your surgeon will discuss the possibility of your results. Use this opportunity to tell your surgeon what you hope to achieve with breast implants. They will help you set realistic expectations for your goals.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone heals differently. People have unique body compositions and muscle structures. Some patients will recover quickly and see results sooner. Others may take longer to heal and may not be able to appreciate their results as early. If you keep this in mind and have realistic expectations about the outcome of your surgery, you are likely to be satisfied with your results.

Long-Term Care

While breast implants are long-lasting, they will eventually require replacement. Most implants will last as long as ten years. Proper long-term care and maintenance of breast implants Seattle ensures that the implants are less likely to rupture or leak during this time. Surgeons recommend frequent scans to check on the placement and quality of the implants. Follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeon and primary healthcare provider are excellent ways to ensure successful breast augmentation results.


Women seeking reconstructive surgery or those wanting to add volume and femininity to their appearance consistently choose breast implants to accomplish these results. Patients have various choices in the type and shape of implants they want. Some may feel more comfortable with saline or silicone implants based on the results each can provide.

Patients recover at various rates and should maintain a realistic idea of what results they may see after surgery. Long-term care and maintenance, such as scans and post-operative appointments, are crucial for patient health and good surgical outcomes.

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