10 Most Common dental problems


There is no specific cause of toothache. It can be caused due to several reasons. Some of them are cavities, irregular brushing, gingivitis, breaking of teeth, grinding of teeth, and many more. Taking a dentist’s is very necessary but until then you can rinse your mouth when you have a toothache or you have to apply clove oil to it. But these home remedies can not last forever. You have to go to the dentist to find out the actual problem of a toothache and get it treated. But it happens to everyone in their life and more than once. So it is the most common dental problem.

2. Stained tooth

When we see the aesthetic point of view, the color of your teeth is very important. Stain doesn’t always mean white teeth. The teeth are not white in the case of everyone. They are of different shades in different people. If you have yellow teeth you do not have to make extra efforts to get them whitened. But no matter what shade the teeth is, it always should be uniform in color. This is according to the aesthetic point of view. This can happen due to chewing tobacco or smoking or other foul habits. You can make it uniform in three different ways. First is you can go to the dentist where they can do scaling of your teeth and use a light to whiten them. Or the second is you can get a plastic plate and a whitening gel from the dentist or a pharmacy store and when it in your home. Or you can use whitening pastes and whitening rinses. But using whitening pastes and rinses can remove the stains only from the surface.

3. Cavities

Dental Cavities are considered as one of the most common problems. This has no particular age of occurrence. It can occur in kids and in adults too. Cavities are microbial infections that are characterized by the demineralization of the inorganic substances and distortion of the organic substances. The enamel or the top surface of your tooth is usually made up of organic and inorganic substances. When we eat food some of them get stuck in our teeth. Some bacteria are always present in our teeth. So these bacteria decompose the food particles in the presence of saliva and produce an acid. This acid can cause the wearing away or the loss of enamel. After the enamel, this carry proceeds further into the tooth. This can be treated by filling or root canal. If you don’t get your cavities checked then they may proceed so deep that you have to get the tooth extracted.

4. Chipped tooth

This always occurs due to trauma to the teeth in your daily life. Some people have weak teeth so facing a very little amount of pressure can lead to loss of a part of the tooth. This is not good from an aesthetic point of view. Also if the breakage of the tooth results in exposure of the nerves in the tooth. So it is necessary to get it corrected. The dentists correct it with a material called composite. They give it the shape of the old tooth and then show a self-curing light. There may be a slight difference in the shade of the tooth and the reconstruction. But that is hardly appreciated by most people.

5. Impacted tooth

This is a tooth that never erupts or tries to erupt but it’s not possible. This is because of the ill position of the tooth. A tooth is developed from a tooth germ but because of some trauma or pressure, the teeth remain tilted or in a different position in which they cannot erupt normally. It is not a problem that can raise much concern but sometimes these teeth apply pressure or get stuck in another bone or soft tissue or any other surface of the oral cavity. If it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort then the dentist will ask you to let it be. But it is causing pain the oral surgeon can get it out in no time.

6. Sensitivity

It is one of the chief complaints that dentists get to hear from most of their patients. It can be an issue caused due to various reasons. The causes of teeth sensitivity are not specific. So it’s most important to find out the root cause of the sensitivity. So this can be cavities or worn-out enamel or it can be fillings or the of several problems in your teeth structure or exposed root. So once the problem is determined then you can easily get it treated by doing a root canal or filling or replacing the list tissues of the gum or other treatment of gums. 

7. Hyperdontia (presence of many teeth)

How many teeth do you have? In the case of the milk teeth, the babies may have 20 teeth in a fully grown denture, and in the c of adults, there can be 28-32 teeth. Many people may have 28 teeth due to the failure in the eruption of the third molar. This is normal and not a factor of concern. But some people have more than 32 teeth. That is a factor of concern. This abnormality doesn’t occur itself. It occurs due to the presence of many syndromes like gardner’s syndrome or cleft palate.

8. Cracked tooth

It can be caused due to trauma by hitting some objects or other. This can cause many other problems like sensitivity or toothache or bleeding of the tooth.  This can be rectified mostly depending on how cracked the tooth is. If a part of the crown is absent then it can easily be restored but if most of the crown is absent then it cannot be further restored

3d render of jaw with treatable cracked tooth over white background. Types of broken teeth concept.
9. Malpositioned teeth

When the teeth are not the position they should be they do not look good orake the face look good. This can be corrected by taking an appointment from an orthodontist. They can be caused due to the delay in breaking of the primary teeth or malposition of the jaw or the tooth germ. 

10. Gap between the teeth

 This condition is known as diastema when it is present in the central incisors. This can be a host for the microbes to reside  which may further cause cavities. This is also not good in tge aesthetic point of view.  This can also be corrected by an orthodontist.

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