1.Dr. Maha Bassam

Dr. Maha is a consultant gynecologist who was qualified from the Royal College of Gynecologists and obstetricians in UK and is currently working in Mediclinic, Dubai.  Before joining this hospital, she was a consultant gynecologist in Tawam hospital for nearly 17 years and has that many years of experience. She has been the chief obstetrician also for the past 7 years in the same hospital too. Dr. Maha has a wide range of experience in management of high-risk pregnancy. Along with diabetes and other medical disorders in pregnancy. She is also specialized in IVF, previous infertility, cosmetic and reconstructive gynecology procedures and cosmetic procedures

2.Dr.Kavita Goswami

Dr.Kavita Goswami is a British citizen and senior gynecologist working in Mediclinic hospital , Dubai and has more than 19 years of experience  working as a successful consultant gynecologist in Dubai. Before moving to Dubai, she had worked with the NHS in UK and private sector. Dr.Kavitas special interests includes vaginal surgery, menstrual irregularity management and many more. Dr. Kavita has a warm bedside manner and is a good listener among her patients and advocates women’s preventive healthcare needs. She also has extensive broad experience and skills, managing all the aspects of general gynecology and pregnancy such as menstrual disturbances, menopause problems, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, fibroid, contraception, pediatric and adolescent gynecology, cervical cancer. In addition to this she also specializes in urogynecology, pelvic floor, outpatient hysteroscopic, abdominal, laparoscopic surgery, fibroid surgery, pelvic floor repairs, hysteropexy etc. she completed her gynecology training from the renowned hospital in UK called the West Midlands and also in Australia’s Cooper Hospital. Other than this she is also a trainer for ALSO, MOET Emergency Obstetrics, DRCOG examiner etc. She also has research interest in urinary incontinence, female circumcision and fibroids.

3.Dr. Shalini Verma 

Dr.Shalini Verma is a consultant gynaecologist working in Dubai in Emirates Speciality Hospital. And has also worked in several different speciality hospitals around the world. Prior to joining in Emirates Speciality Hospital, she worked in several hospitals across India and 8 years in other hospitals in Dubai.She has performed well over 10,000 special delivery cases so far .She has also carried out various other surgical procedures too. Her special interest is in VBAC, and high-risk pregnancy cases. Her extensive knowledge and prior years of experience means that she can identify potential problems earlier on and inform to patients accordingly and for this reason she also has excellent patient reviews and remarks.

4.Dr.Purnima Deb 

Dr. Purnima Deb is a consultant British gynecologist who worked earlier in Al Wasl Hospital in Dubai but is currently working in Mediclinic, Dubai. Here she is working as a senior gynecology consultant. She has depth experience of working in different countries along with different nationality patients. She has also worked with patients who have medically high risk and complicated pregnancies and births. She performs routine gynecological procedures, anterior and posterior repairs as well as tubal and ovarian procedures. She is also skilled in conducting colposcopy, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. Dr.Purnima is also a member of many associations and is a member of the Royal college of gynecologists, UK and the British medical association.

5.Dr.Lubna Ahmad

Dr.Lubna Ahmad is a specialist obstetrician and gynecologist working presently in Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai. She has 17 years of experience as a gynaecologist. She has utmost professionalism in her field and is liked and appreciated by majority of her patients in their reviews about the doctor. She has also qualified from one of the best and reputed universities in Pakistan and has then later gone on to do specializations in many other courses. She had worked in UK, USA, Canada and gained experience before moving onto UAE. She is presently carrying out simple as well as high risk obstetrics and gynaecology cases and has so far carried out thousands of ultrasound scans, deliveries and operations. She has also actively participated in many associations and live classes and also trains upcoming gynaec students.

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